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BreyerFest 2021

This post gives an update on the new information site and links to new digital publications available for downloading.

Secretariat memorial by the old Salyers House near the entrance at the Kentucky Horse Park

Over the years I have often used the biggest event in the equine collectibles industry as a release date for publications. After decades working as an artist in that community, working long hours to make a July deadline is just second nature! This year, much of that work has been directed towards creating online content.

It is still a work in progress, but things are starting to take shape both here at the blog and the new horse color information site ( Links to the topic pages will go live starting with the dilutions later today. The topic pages will follow a similar format, with the main information (and photos) on the left and extra information (and links to more examples) in a green sidebar to the right. Links to related blog posts as well as published journal articles (where they exist) appear at the bottom.

The site also has a tab at the top for "Books for Artists." That is where you can find the smaller publications I have done for artists and collectors. (The Equine Tapestry books are still only available in printed form through Amazon and other book dealers.) And in honor of this year's BreyerFest theme, "A Horse of a Different Color," I have a newly revised version of the breeds and colors book available for download.

Also as promised, the second of the Artist Guides on pattern design is also available for download. It was written for artists interested in designing pinto and appaloosa patterns, but some of the the information would also be of interest to anyone wanting to develop an eye for the different patterns.

Both books are free to download and can be found here. Clicking on the image of the book will open a PDF. The pattern design book was formatted at a high resolution to ensure the images were as helpful as possible, so downloading might take a while for those with slow connections.

And finally, for those who are attending this year's virtual BreyerFest, be sure to check out the free seminar on developing your eye for the details in horse color. It's not the same as seeing everyone in the theater at the Kentucky Horse Park, but chances are you have better access to air conditioning than if we were all in Lexington!


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