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Breed References

One of the best ways to understand color is to analyze different breeding populations. The following links are good resources for assembling images for comparison. Opportunities to observe rare or unusual variations are noted, though the lists are not exhaustive.

Also included here are sites that outline foundation lines (male or female) for different breeds. These sites are often a treasure trove for anyone trying to track down color lines – or just observe how a particular breed has changed over time.

Sites for specific breeds


Appaloosa History Index – historical photos organized by registry number

Foundation Appaloosas - horses that were granted foundation numbers

Pre-registry Appaloosas

Historical AQHA crop-out


Campolina publications - collection of breed magazines and auction catalogs

Breed registry


Pedigree database 


Pedigree database 

The Colorful Chincoteague - site devoted to the colors in the breed (print book also available)


Criollo publications - collection of breed magazines and auction catalogs

Curly Horses
Czech Belgians

Pedigree database - for American Curly Horses, searchable by extensive color parameters

Cold-blooded Stallions – website with sire lines (historical and present)

Approved stallions as of 2017 - List with pages for individual stallions 

Pedigree database - list sortable by color

Mangalarga Marchadors

Marcha News – breed magazine and links to auction catalogs

Revista Marchador – breed magazine

Breed registry - the homepage has extensive links to auction catalogs

Mangalarga Paulistas

Prime Selection – auction listings

Revista Mangalarga – breed magazine

Mangalarga publications - collection of breed magazines and  catalogs

Breed registry


Cold-blooded Stallions – website with Silesian sire lines (historical and present)

Cold-blooded Stallions – website with Czech sire lines (historical and present) 

Pedigree database (Silesian) 

Pura Raza Espanola
Tersk Horse

Tersk Breed – Facebook group with an extensive photo collection (historical and present) 

General pedigree databases

Unless noted, these databases are run by state agencies and may not be available in an English-language version. Although they can be valuable resources, crowdsourced sites have varying degrees of safeguards for verifying information provided, so use with care.

All Breed Pedigree Database - all breeds (crowdsourced)

Bazakoni - all breeds (in Polish, but has translation buttons)

Horse Telex - sport horses and ponies

KWPN - Dutch warmbloods, Harness Horses and Gelderlanders

Plemenná kniha online - Czech breeds (in Czech)

Polish Horse Breeders Association - Polish breeds (in Polish)

Sport Horse Data - sport horses and ponies (crowdsourced)

Sukuposti - all breeds (in Finnish but has translation buttons)

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